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Consultation Questionnaire

At Torenia Technical Services we ike to get to know our customers and their business. This helps us both in achieving a high quality end product that suits your requirements exactly.

This questionnaire is designed to start that process by enabling us to start getting to know you. The questionnaire will not enable us to cover every aspect of your business but it will give us a good starting point. Please feel free to send additional information by email from our contact page.

Please do not be put off by any questions which you are not sure about. We can explain them in more details at a later time.

Do you currently have a website?
If 'Yes' what is the URL - http://
What will be the primary
functions of the website.
Please tick all that apply .

So that we may have a better understanding of the type and depth of services your website project will require, please explain in as much detail as possible what your website plans, goals, needs, and/or objectives are :



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